Silicon Power Ace A55 512GB SSD









  • Easy to setup
  • Only 7mm thick

Most of the SSDs produced are 9.5mm thick, but the Silicon Power A55 SSD is only 7mm thick, which makes it perfect for ultra-books, laptops, and other computer that require this thickness.

This 512GB SSD can be bought from Amazon for only $51.99 (at the time of review), which means that you’re paying only $0.10 per gigabyte. This is great when compared to the Samsung 850 Evo 500GB which can be bought from Amazon for $106.99, which means that you’re paying $0.21 per gigabyte. Although, the Silicon Power A55 SSD is cheap, it still has 3D NAND technology integrated which gives great performance and reliability and comes with a 3-year warranty!

This SSD comes in blister packaging which is great since it probably helps keep the cost down. On the inside of the packaging, simple steps on how to install the SSD are printed. An SSD doesn’t require a lot of work to install, but it’s great that Silicon Power includes these instructions for anyone who has never installed an SSD before.


Testing Setup:
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3000Mhz
PSU: Corsair RM850i
Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming

Let’s compare the Silicon Power A55 to the Samsung EVO 850 once again. The Silicon Power A55 SSD is significantly cheaper, but does it offer the same performance? AS SSD Benchmark was used to compare these two SSDs together.

The tests on the left are of the Silicon Power A55 SSD while the tests on the right are of the Samsung 850 EVO SSD.

As can be seen in the above tests, the Silicon Power A55 SSD performs fairly similar to the Samsung 850 EVO and it even got a higher score in the end.

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