As has been recently announced, survival RPG Outward will be getting a Definitive Edition. If you haven’t heard of Outward yet, it’s a survival RPG which is known to be quite dark when compared to other survival RPGs.

Nine Dots Studio, the developers of Outward, weren’t afraid to try out new things. And they definitely succeeded. In fact, instantly after being released in 2019, Outward rose to popularity. It’s an open-world game with co-op capability and some even compare it to Dark Souls.

The Outward: Definitive Edition will be releasing this week, specifically on the 17th of May, 2022. Those who already own the base game will be receiving the definitive edition for free.

But what will the definitive edition include? The Definitive Edition will include a couple of new DLCs and some completely new additions. The DLCs, called The Soroboreans and The Three Brothers, will be adding features to the base game areas. Apart from that, they will also provide some overhauls to the already existing game areas.

According to the developer’s update highlight, here are the main aspects that will be updated.

  • Difficulty curve – The hard enemies will be harder to kill
  • Protection – Protection will now also apply to impact as well
  • DLC redistribution – enchantment recipes, arcane elementals, and corruption can now be found in any area
  • Material Sample guaranteed drops – players will be able to talk with a town NPC to trade 3 of any samples for a specific rare resource
  • Town Reset

These two new DLCs will be released on PC, PS5, and also the Xbox Series X/S.

Albeit being a small RPG developer, Nine Dots Studio has been giving us some wonderful content with Outward.

You can check out the trailer for Outward: Definitive Edition down below.

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