As you may already know, Kingdom Hearts IV has just been announced at the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event. Along with Kingdom Hearts IV, another two Kingdom Hearts games have also been announced.

At this event, three trailers for three different Kingdom Hearts games were released. The first trailer is for Kingdom Hearts UX Dark Road. The second trailer is for a new Kingdom Hearts mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link.

While the third trailer is for the new Kingdom Hearts IV RPG game, which we have all been waiting for for quite some time now.

Kingdom Hearts IV Release Date

Unfortunately the Kingdom Hearts 4 release date is currently unknown. The game has only recently been announced and there is no news regarding the release date just yet. Kingdom Hearts III was announced in 2013, and the game was then released in 2018. That’s five whole years of waiting. Hopefully we won’t have to wait five years to play Kingdom Hearts IV.

Tetsuya Nomura, the series creator, has confirmed that the game is still in early development. It was only announced so soon to avoid being leaked. Unfortunately Nomura also said that it would take quite some time to see any Kingdom Hearts IV news again. And it certainly will not be making a presence in any game expos this year.

Kingdom Hearts IV Trailer

As for now, only one trailer has been released for Kingdom Hearts IV. This is the reveal trailer that was shown at the official 20th Anniversary Kingdom Hearts Event in April 2022.

Kingdom Hearts IV Platforms

There are no confirmed platforms for Kingdom Hearts IV yet. The game series was originally exclusive to PlayStation only, however Kingdom Hearts III was initially released on both the PS4 and Xbox One. Just last year, the Kingdom Hearts game series was finally released on PC as well.

We won’t be certain until the platforms are officially announced but we’re guessing that Kingdom Hearts IV will be released on all major platforms, including PC.

We look forward to what SquareEnix come up with as they’ve always given us remarkable games.

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