ASRock X299 Gaming K6 Fatal1ty







  • RGB Lighting
  • Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 3
  • USB-A and USB-C

With all the motherboard vendors launching an X299 motherboard, ASRock didn’t want to be left out and launched the Fatal1ty K6 X299 motherboard.

The board being reviewed today is the ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Gaming K6 motherboard which is currently prices $222.99 on Amazon which is extremely affordable when compared to other X299 motherboards. With SLI capabilities, 8 SATA3 6GB/s channels and 3 M.2 Sockets, this motherboard is definitely worth its price.

Although it is advertised as being a gaming motherboard, it certainly isn’t exclusive for gaming and is actually pretty good for workstations and music production as well.

Unlike any motherboard, this one comes with steel slots with the PCI-E slots to prevent any damage to them and any signal interference to the graphic cards while ensuring that the heavy graphic cards of nowadays are well-installed.

Something which is marvellous and mesmerizing is the RGB capabilites of this board. This board allows you to build your own colorful lighting system since it comes with 2 RGB LED headers which you can attach some LED Strips to. When connecting LED strips or fans to the RGB LED headers, you can control the RGB lighting of the motherboard and also the RGB lighting of the LED strips with only one software.

For all the movie and music lovers, this motherboard has comes with the Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 3 which is the latest software designed with SBX Pro Studio to deliver a holistic audio experience while you’re gaming, watching a movie, or listening to some music.

Bottom Line

With the various features that this motherboard offers, and the amazing price that it is available at, it’s difficult not to buy it if you’re looking for an upgrade or building a new system.

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