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  • RGB Lighting
  • Compact

The Sharkoon Purewriter RGB Gaming Keyboard has been around for quite some time now. However, it is still one of the best budget low-profile mechanical keyboard one can get. If you are currently looking for a low-profile mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting effects, then this might me the keyboard for you.


The Sharkoon Purewriter keyboard is available in two versions: 2-block (TKL Version) and 3-block (Full Layout Version). The difference between these two versions is that the TKL version does not come with the numpad and media keys. It may be a better choice to go for the 3-block version if you are looking to use this keyboard in a work-related environment, or if you just love numbers!

Sharkoon PureWriter TKL RGB Red Gaming gaming Keyboard QWERTY - Coolblue -  Before 23:59, delivered tomorrow

With the combination of the elegant design and mechanical switches, Sharkoon presents a keyboard that can be used for all occasions. Whether you want to use the Sharkoon Purewriter keyboard to write a report or use it for long gaming sessions, you should definitely take a look at this keyboard. The frameless body of this keyboard provides a minimalist and elegant design.

Due to the low-profile design of the keyboard and the detachable cable, both of the versions are extremely compact, especially the TKL version. Weighing only 642 grams and having a height of only 23 mm, this keyboard can be easily carried around in a backpack. With the feet folded in, the keyboard stands at a height of only 23 mm. Moreover, due to the light weight, small size, and two different USB cables that are provided, the Sharkoon Purewriter keyboard can easily be carried anywhere.


As previously mentioned, the Sharkoon Purewriter RGB Gaming Keyboard comes with two cables of different lengths. The two cables, one with a length of 50cm and the other with a length of 150cm, offer the ability to switch the cable to the necessary length required.

When purchasing the keyboard, there is the option to choose between blue Kailh switches and red Kailh switches. The difference between the blue and the red Kailh switches is the same as the difference between the blue and red Cherry MX switches. The Blue Kailh switch is a tactile clicky switch, while the red Kailh switch is a light linear switch. Choosing the color of the switch ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Kailh Blue

  • Actuating force: 55 g
  • Switch characteristics: Tactile
  • Switching point: Noticeable
  • Click point: Accurately noticeable
  • Path to switching point: 1.5 mm

Kailh Red

  • Actuating force: 45 g
  • Switch characteristics: Linear
  • Switching point: Not noticeable
  • Click point: Not noticeable
  • Path to switching point: 1.5 mm


The Sharkoon Purewriter RGB Gaming Keyboard comes with 8 different pre-programmed lighting effects. All of the lighting effects are accessible via the keyboard itself, with no need for any software. Each individual key is illuminated in 16.8 million colors, which results in extremely beautiful RGB illumination.

Each key can be individually programmed to light up in a different color, with the option to save the custom lighting to one of the four different profiles available.

Bottom Line

The Sharkoon Purewriter RGB Gaming Keyboard is an all-rounder. A low-priced mechanical keyboard with low-profile keycaps and amazing RGB illumination. In conclusion, for that price, you surely will not be disappointed.

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