Ducky Shine 7









  • Genuine Cherry MX Switches
  • Multiple Lighting Features
  • Thick Zinc Alloy Case


  • No Dedicated Media Keys
  • No USB Pass-Through


The Ducky Shine 7 does not feature a plastic chassis like most keyboards, but instead a thick zinc alloy case is used, which is 3 times stronger than aluminium. Since Ducky uses thick zinc alloy, the keyboard is pretty heavy, but it is also extremely strong and durable. It showed no signs of flex at all when I tried to bend it.

When it comes to the stands at the back of the keyboard, Ducky makes sure to satisfy all the users, and that is why this keyboard has 3-level stands. Basically, the keyboard has 2 stands with different heights, and you are free to use which ever stand you want, depending on the height you prefer. This is something which is not found in most keyboards that exist.

Something which I loved about the Ducky Shine 7 is the fact that it is powered with a USB Type C cable. Since Ducky designed this keyboard with a detachable cable and a widely used port, the cable can be changed whenever it is damaged. Apart from that, since the cable can be detached, it can be swapped with a braided or coiled cable, or maybe a cable with a different colour.


As with the Ducky Shine 6, the predecessor of the Ducky Shine 7, this keyboard comes with PBT double-shot keycaps, which are translucent to allow the beautiful RGB light to shine through. When buying this keyboard, Ducky allows you to choose which type of Cherry MX switches you prefer; Black, Brown, Blue,Red, Silent Red, and even silver.

Ducky are kind enough to include some extra keycaps when buying the Shine 7. The extra keycaps which are included are these: blue Enter keycaps, blue WASD keycaps, blue arrow keycaps, blue Escape keycap, and a beautiful extra Spacebar keycap with a translucent dog design on it (since it is the Year of the Dog).


A great thing about this keyboard is that it does not require any software to control the lighting effects and macro keys. The various elaborate lighting effects that this keyboard offers, can all be controlled via the F5 –F11 keys. The Ducky Shine 7 has so many lighting effects to choose from, that you will certainly find one you absolutely love. Apart from that, the colour of lighting effects can also be changed to any colour you want, so the possibilities are endless. The colour of the lighting effect is controlled via the F5, F6, and F7 keys which represent the R, G, and B aspects. For example, a purple light effect can be chosen by putting the Red and Blue colours to the maximum level by pressing the F5 and F7 keys 10 times each.

Bottom Line

Everyone knows that Ducky makes some of the best mechanical keyboard in the business, and the Ducky Shine 7 is no exception. Thanks to some improvements from the Shine 6, the Shine 7 is the perfect keyboard to have for both gaming and non-gaming purposes. It’s a sleek looking keyboard which will fit perfectly with any setup. It is a little expensive, but you won’t have to buy another keyboard any time soon, due to the durability that the thick zinc alloy case provides, and due to the detachable cable that can be exchanged whenever it is damaged.

Tim Jones

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