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  • Unique mechanics
  • Multiplayer mode


  • Poor optimization in certain places

I’ve always been an avid fan of survival games, and Green Hell is definitely one of the most interesting survival games out there. Green Hell features a lot of game mechanics that cannot be found in any other game. Even though these game mechanics make the game harder, they also make the game so much more immersive. In this Green Hell review we will be going over the different modes and unique mechanics that can be found in Green Hell.


Running the game on an AORUS RX 6800 and a 1440p resolution, the game is breathtaking. The graphics are quite amazing, and the water reflections are extremely realistic, even though the game has no RTX. Unfortunately, while running through the rainforest, the game sometimes suffers from evident FPS drops due to lack of optimisation.

Even though Green Hell left Early Access back in 2019, unfortunately it still has some bugs. However, Creepy Jar updates the game quite frequently. Therefore, some of the bugs will surely be ironed out sooner or later.

Story Mode

It’s becoming more and more common for survival games to include a story mode. But Green Hell’s story mode is unlike any other survival game’s story. The story starts off with you, playing as Jake Higgins, and his wife, Mia. The game takes place in the deep parts of the Amazon forest, and Jake and Mia are there to conduct research on an uncontacted tribe.

While Mia is on a trip to communicate with the uncontacted tribe all by herself, she calls Jake in the middle of the night asking him for help. Running around the Amazon forest trying to find Mia, Jake finds an abandoned tribe village, but doesn’t find Mia anywhere.

Using the smart watch given to you by Mia as a birthday present, you will be able to monitor your hunger and thirst, tell the time, and also use it as a compass. While scavenging the jungle searching for Mia, you learn how to hunt for food, build a base, start a campfire, and watch your nutrition to stay alive.

The rainforest is full of poisonous plants and animals which are out there to kill you. As the story goes on, you’ll be learning more about the game mechanics, such as how to take care of a deep cut after being attacked by a cougar, or how to take care of a rash after rummaging through a poisonous plant.

Survival Mode

If you’re not interested in following the story, you can go straight into the action by playing the Survival Mode. The Survival Mode starts you off at a random location in the map. This means that you’ll instantly have to start looking for the perfect place to set camp. 

Unlike other survival games, the map isn’t infinitely or randomly generated. Unfortunately this reduces the replayability of the game since the game’s map is always the same. Having said that, Green Hell’s map isn’t a small one, so you’ll definitely be able to replay the game a few times. 

One of the most fascinating features in Green Hell are the unique and original mechanics Creepy Jar implemented. Unlike any other survival game, Creepy Jar didn’t only include thirst and hunger in the game. In Green Hell you’ll need to keep your eye on the “macro-elements”, which are a lot like hunger, but divided into three groups. Macro-elements include protein, carbs, and fats, and they force you to maintain a healthy and well-rounded diet in the game.

Another interesting mechanic that must be mentioned in this Green Hell review is the fact that you’ll need to inspect your injury every time you get hurt. You will need to take a look at all four of your limbs to check out the injuries and figure out what the best way to heal is. Healing a deep cut made by a jaguar requires you to bandage the limb, while healing a rash requires you to bandage the limb with a plant that has medicinal properties.

Multiplayer Mode

You don’t have to enjoy Green Hell all by yourself. Green Hell also has a multiplayer mode so that you can enjoy the game with your friends. Supporting up to 4 players at a time, you’ll be able to take on the challenge with others.

Green Hell Review – Final Thoughts

Green Hell was fun from start to finish. Playing the game for this Green Hell review and discovering all its unique features and mechanics was a blast. Due to the Multiplayer support, you can also enjoy this game with your friends. You don’t have to survive in the deep parts of the rainforest all by yourself.

If you’re an avid fan of survival games but you’re looking for a new survival game unlike any other, then you should definitely check Green Hell out.

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